Sinopsis: “A LA LUZ DE TU CANTE”

It is a memory tribute to La Niña de la Puebla from the feeling of the singer Antonia Contreras , whom the artist conveyed his early concerns about the flamenco.

The repertoire will consist of some of the most popular topics of Dolores and other less known by the general public .

It will feature the guitars of Juan Ramon Caro and Andrés Cansino and the special collaboration of Adelfa Adelfa Soto y Calvo.

  • CAST: Cante: Antonia Contreras
  • Guitarras: Juan Ramón Caro y Andrés Cansino
  • Special collaboration of Adelfa Adelfa Soto and Calvo.
  • Time: 75 minutes aprox.

Video extract“A la luz de tu cante”